The 2013 Artist Lounge!

For Hive: the New Bees 3, we’re trying something a bit different. Each night, please feel free to join the artists and crew involved in the event in our Artist Lounge. We’ll be playing great music and the bar will stay open in order for you to mingle with artists from your community. We hope it will be a low-key way to digest and discuss the various pieces you took in throughout the evening.

However, to celebrate the event, we have a special treat for closing night, Friday, June 14th!


The Gal Pal DJ’s!

Ever wish you could take yourself back to the years of getting ready for high school dances with your friends, borrowing their risky outfits or new pair of overalls, and making a disgusting mix from your parents liquor cabinet? Well now you’re are all legal, so you don’t have to steal watered down vodka and sneak around. These lovely ladies, Emma Ruthum and Jamie Taylor, will help you dance and feel nostalgic while listening to the hits from the 90’s that helped you try to lose your virginity. Even if you didn’t live through the ’90s, you all know who Robyn is, right!? Joey Lawrence may come.


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