COMPANY PROFILE: Escaping Goat Productions!

Here is the company profile for Escaping Goat Productions! Below, you’ll find information on their company history and participating members. When you come to see the show, look for these “goats” in the back garage space. We’re really looking forward to seeing what they do with such an unconventional location. For more information about Escaping Goat Productions, visit their website at:

Company History

Escaping Goat Productions is a theatre group founded in 2010, and still taking root in the Vancouver theatre community.  Concocted by the creative minds of Jass Takhar (an SFU alumnus) and Glenn Crossley (a Capilano College alumnus), they soon ensnared Robyn Temple and Ariel Johnson, two SFU Theatre Production and Design Students, to join the company.  We are dedicated to our craft and look forward to bringing you more *Seriously Fun* theatre. Alongside New Bees 3, look for them at the 2013 Shift Festival this Summer, where founding members Jass Takhar and Glenn Crossley will be presenting Daniel MacIvor’s highly underrated Wild Abandon.

Company Bios

Davey S Calderon

Davey Calderon

Davey Samuel Calderon is a fourth year undergraduate Theater Performance student from SFU. Recently he has performed in various productions such as Get Away (SFU Directing Projects 2013), Re: Call (choreo./dir. Iris Lau) and currently performing in the SFU Black Box 2013 series. In fact, Davey has performed for Escaping Goat Productions before, in their 2010 production of Look Me In the Eye. Since seeing his first HIVE in 2009, Davey is filled with anticipation to experience his first time being in the structure. He would like to thank both Escaping Goat Productions and Resounding Scream Theater for giving him the opportunity to be part of Hive: The New Bees 3.  Along with Escaping Goat Productions, he is hoping their show will get a good first time “buzz.”


Ariel Johnson

A recent SFU Contemporary Arts grad, Ariel has spent much of her life both on and backstage.  Her job description has previously included stage management, sound design, props, publicity, fundraising and front of house. Whatever it is, she will put her whole heart (and slight control-freak tendencies) into it.  An advocate for collaboration of all kinds, she is most passionate about creating and supporting dynamic projects that challenge and deconstruct the expectations of audience and artists alike.


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