COMPANY PROFILE: Human Theatre Collective!

HTC from Facebook

Here is a little preview courtesy of the folks at the Human Theatre Collective. They are made up of a variety of different artists who have graduated from institutions all over the Lower Mainland. When you’re looking for them at Hive: the New Bees 3, you’ll be able to find them in the coat check space. Below, you’ll find their company history. If you’re intrigued and you need more information, please visit their website

Company History

The Human Theatre Performing Arts Society has been a registered non-profit in BC since 2006. We started with the idea of providing opportunities for regular people to engage with performance. Our mandate is to provide performance and educational opportunities for emerging and professional artists.

By artist, we mean anyone with a skill; visual arts, teaching, computing, performance, etc., and anyone who has an interest in exploring their creativity in a rigorous and professional manner.

We have among our members fine arts teachers, professional and emerging actors, circus artists, medical professionals, visual artists, singers and writers. We approach the work with the idea that everyone’s peripheral knowledge contributes to who they are and to the art we create as a group.

We have produced and co-created many performance pieces and workshops. We have also hosted a number of international intensives with guest companies. We believe this supports Canadian artists by bringing these international opportunities to BC, rather than sending smaller groups of BC artists abroad.



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