COMPANY PROFILE: Tyler Smith and Brad Tones!


Here you’ll find information about Tyler Smith and Brad Tones, an ad-hoc group made up of graduates from both Douglas College and Simon Fraser University. I’m especially excited about their piece because it’s in a pretty unconventional location. Does an upstairs room, complete with a pool table and dart board that must be incorporated, pique your interest? When you come to Hive, find them in the games room space.  Last year for Hive: the New Bees 2, they performed a successful piece, Road Trip Excessively Catalogued. We can wait to see what they come up with this year!

Company Bios

Tyler Smith is a theatre artist based in the Vancouver area, who holds a BFA in performing arts from Simon Fraser University. Tyler is very excited both to be working with Brad Tones and to be creating a piece for New Bees 3, and looks forward to tackling the challenges of creating a site specific piece. Tyler is focused on creating original work that tells stories in unconventional and interactive ways while remaining accessible to all. Some ofTyler’s previous performances include:  And Some of Them Lived… (Escaping Goat), Keep to the West (Rice and Beans), …trojan women(Resounding Scream)  as well as acting as associate dramaturge for Mobilis in Mobili (Rice and Beans).

Brad Tones is a graduate from both Douglas College and Simon Fraser University. These days, you’ll find him managing performers and events at Lafflines and the Columbia Theatre in New Westminster.


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